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There are numerous sites similar to eWebGlobe that provide useful information on countries. eWebGlobe provides links to the best of these.

Sites on Countries

CIA's World Factbook is the most authentic resource on countries on the web. It contains information on Geography, People, Government and Economy for all the countries.
Infoplease provides country profiles consisting of Geography, Maps, Flags, History and other information about each country.
UN's infonation site lets you compare statistics related to population, economy, health, technology, environment about various countries.

Economist provides country briefings including recent news stories.
ethnologue provides detailed information about world’s 6,912 known living languages.
US Department of State's Countries, regions site provides location of foreign embassies in US, ambassadors of US and other information.

UNICEF works for the upliftment of children across the Globe.
WHO provides health related statistics and detailed information about all the countries.

Sites on Geography

About.com's Geography site has extensive articles and resources on Geography.
Trivia Plaza has twenty interesting quizzes on Geography.

Sites on specific countries

zar provides interesting tid bits on South Africa.

Sites on Geography Bee

Geographic Bee home allows schools to register for the exam.
Sample questions from National Geographic.
Suggestions from about.com on how to prepare for the Geographic Bee exam.