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Germany Overview

Germany is the largest economy in Europe. It is also the most populous nation in Europe. After the defeat in the second world war, Germany was divided into two countries in 1949 - East Germany and West Germany. The countries were united in 1990 to form the current state of Germany. In 1999, Germany joined the European Union, and started using Euro as its currency.

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NameGermany Population82,431,390
CapitalBerlin CurrencyEuro
Area357,021 sq km per capita GDP$28,700
ContinentEurope Life Expectancy79.6 years
Head of statePresident Horst KOEHLER Official Language(s)German

German Personalities

Adolf Hitler was perhaps the most hated personality of the World in the twentieth century. Hitler also ordered mass killing of Jews in the World war. Hitler was the leader of powerful German Nazi empire. On April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide after facing defeat in the second World war. Mein Kampf is his autobiography.

Johannes Gutenberg invented the Printing Press.

Otto von Bismarck was a very powerful leader of the nineteenth century. Nicknamed the Iron Chancellor he engineered the unification of Germany from numerous small states. He was the first Chancellor of Germany from 1871 to 1890.

Tourist spots in Germany

Heidelberg - river Neckar flows through its deep wooded valley past ancient towers and bridges, the red sandstone castle ruin rises majestically over the roofs of the old town.

Hamburg located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, is the second largest city of Germany. It was destroyed in Second World war. it has many unique locations and landscapes.

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Berlin is both historic and modern, combining poignant views of history through its buildings and museums.

Castles and Palaces - Germany has numerous castles each having his unique history.

German States

Included below is the list of sixteen states and their capitals.

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Baden-WürttembergStuttgart 3575210693000
BavariaMunich 7054812423000
BerlinBerlin 8903388000
BremenBremen 404663000
HamburgHamburg 7551734000
HessenWiesbaden 211156089000
Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaSchwerin 231711732000
Lower SaxonyHannover 476147993000
North Rhine-WestphaliaDüsseldorf 3408018080000
Rhineland-PalatinateMainz 198474059000
SaarlandSaarbrücken 25701061000
Free State of Saxony Dresden 184134321000
Saxony-AnhaltMagdeburg 204472523000
Schleswig-HolsteinKiel 157692823000
Free State of ThuringiaErfurt 161722373000

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